Lisa Wright

My husband and I went to a local festival in town. At the event we stopped by a booth for a company named Comfort Specialists, as they were having a drawing. We have had work done by them in the past, so we are familiar with their team. We ended up putting our name in the drawing and surprisingly we received a call that we won a Condo Resort Voucher. We couldn’t believe it at first, as we never win these types of things. We were so pleased with the gift we received from Comfort Specialists, that we decided to also have them install a HVAC system at our new home we just built. The relationship we have with their company is very unique and based on our experience with them, we would definitely recommend them to family and friends.


Heather Bunis

It was time for a new HVAC, even though I did not want to spend the money. So, I went online and searched on Better Business Bureau and found two companies, Comfort Specialist and Lee Company. They were both great companies, but Comfort Specialist had slightly lower pricing and they gave me and my two kids a Cruise Voucher for our next vacation. The Cruise Voucher was an influencing factor plus their price was lower. My kids are so excited that we are taking a cruise together soon.


Thalia Love

A couple weeks ago I was having some issues with the air conditioner in my home. I did some research online and found a company named Comfort Specialists. I gave them a call and they had a technician out to my home later that week. When the technician did his inspection, he came back and said we had some major issues and needed to replace our unit. He gave us a few recommendations on new units. We decided to go with the HVAC combo unit, as it came with a Cruise Voucher. The voucher was a nice added bonus and we couldn’t resist it. Comfort Specialists is a top-notch outfit and we would recommend them.


Lucas Thorton

My wife and I have a videographer business and we also have a 3-car garage. We wanted to use one of our garages as an office, and we needed HVAC installed in case it gets too cold or hot. We googled and found Comfort Specialist; they came over and gave us a great deal, plus a cool Condo Voucher which we have 16 months to use. We couldn’t pass up the Condo Voucher, so we decided to go with Comfort Specialists. They are amazing and very professional.


Kevin Harris

We had to replace our heat pump at home and so we searched online for a company who would give us a perfect deal. We found Comfort Specialist who gave us a great price plus they gave us a Cruise Voucher to use with the whole family. They did a clean and fast job in replacing the heat pump and we got our Cruise Voucher as well in the mail. Now, we have to look and see where we are going on a vacation!


Thomas & Peggy Page

My husband and I had to replace our HVAC system at our home. So, we searched for a reputable company on Home Advisor and found Comfort Specialist. We had used the site once before to hire a very good plumber. For months we’ve been discussing going to Alaska on our next vacation, but when we realized our home needed a new HVAC system, our trip to Alaska vanished. However, we were wrong. The salesperson from Comfort Specialist told us that we will be getting a Cruise Voucher as a promotion, and they had itineraries going to Alaska. The Cruise Voucher impacted our decision tremendously and we signed the contract immediately. Comfort Specialist did a fantastic job and we are so excited to go on our Alaskan Cruise next year in June. Thank you, again.


Alberto Guerrero

I needed someone to do some duct repair and work on the main unit of our HVAC. I researched Angie’s List and spoke to 3 companies; one was Comfort Specialist and the other was Conditioned Air Solutions and I can’t remember the third one. I decided to go with Comfort Specialist because of their pricing, open communication, professionalism and Cruise Voucher incentive. Upfront, they presented me with a Cruise travel Voucher which was a great bonus, especially since the other companies were not offering the Voucher. I just spoke to Destination Motivation who explained all the details about the cruise within 24 hours of my acceptance of the Voucher. What a service. Thank you, Comfort Specialist.


Michael & Michelle Estremera

Last month our Air conditioner broke down and we needed someone to replace it immediately. We got on the internet and one of the companies we found was Comfort Specialist. They came out and immediately replaced it. We did not care about price; it was a necessity to replace our Air Conditioner . Since Comfort Specialist is such a great company, they gave us a Cruise travel Voucher which was a major perk and we will be deciding soon where to go for our vacation. Thank you for the speedy installation and our Cruise Voucher.

Bradley F

A Couple of weeks ago we went on Google to find a reputable air conditioning company here in Owens Cross. We found a few reputable companies we liked; Thomas HVAC, H.C. Blake, and Comfort Specialists. Each company came out to our home and gave us a quote. Each company was about the same price, but Comfort Specialist stood out with their 10-year warranty and the Cruise Voucher incentive. The Cruise Voucher ended up being the deciding factor and we’re very happy we decided to go with their company. We are looking at taking an Eastern Caribbean cruise later this year and can’t say thank you enough to Comfort Specialists for this great gift.

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Very punctual. Completed the service call and didn’t try to sell me a bunch of stuff I don’t need. Very courteous and thorough in checking out my system. - Melissa O.

Perfect service, a template for how it should be. - Jason T.

They came out on a Sunday to work on our problem and gave us a lot of knowledge we didn’t know. - Patricia W.

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