Solar Attic Fans in Huntsville, AL & Ardmore, TN

Maintaining a comfortable and efficient home is an important goal for any homeowner in Tennessee or Alabama. Our summers are more than hot—summers here are sticky, heavy, and extremely harsh. While a dependable air conditioner can have your back, your attic is often left to fend for itself. Looking for a way to mitigate the 100+ temperatures hovering over your head? You’re in luck; Comfort Specialist Heating & Air offers superior, solar-powered attic fan installs!

At Comfort Specialist Heating & Air our top priority is to provide our clients with quality service and dependable products. We customize our services completely to match your needs. You’ll never see a “cookie-cutter” plan or “good enough” solution when you work with our team. Just the services and options that work best for you!

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Why Install an Attic Fan?

As you’re likely aware, heat rises. So, when all of the heat from the sun, outdoors, and residual warmth gets to your attic, it often finds a place where it can’t escape. Or cannot escape quickly enough to matter. This results in attic spaces that are often in excess of 120 degrees. In fact, the more common temperatures get up to 150 or more!

This can present a major issue, because when the difference in temperature between your attic and home is that high it can cause a lot of trouble in terms of keeping your home cool. Without an appropriate escape, that attic heat will find its way back into your home, drastically increasing the workload on your HVAC equipment and infringing on your comfort.

The solution, however, is simple: install better ventilation! Attic fans are installed in order to facilitate much better air flow out of your attic, bringing the temperature down by 50 or more degrees and mitigating the problems that a stuffy attic can cause. This results in a noteworthy range of benefits, including:

  • Better air conditioner efficiency, resulting in lower cooling costs
  • Less humidity infiltrating into your home
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Improved protection for attic structure and attic insulation by removing moisture
  • Reduces weather-related risks associated with roofing shingle cracking

Solar Attic Fan Installers in Huntsville

At Comfort Specialist Heating & Air we are proud to offer attic fan installation. And we even do you one better by offering solar-powered attic fans! This means you don’t need to dedicate any energy at all to the operation of your attic fan. The result is better temperature control, greater comfort, and virtually no cost of upkeep once the system is installed.

Our cooling specialists will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your space so that we can determine where best to install your new attic fan. From there we will consult with you, provide a quote, and then at your request we will get to work improving your home’s comfort and heat protection.

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For comprehensive cooling services including solar attic fan installation and attic fan services, Comfort Specialist Heating & Air is the name to know in Ardmore, Huntsville, and Toney. We are firmly committed to providing quality products and raising the bar on what is considered superior customer service.

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