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Some may think a furnace isn’t necessary in Alabama or Southern Tennessee, but once they spend the winter here, they understand why we use them! Your furnace should be reliable, powerful, and keep heating costs down. If your furnace isn’t performing like it used to, you may need furnace repair services.

For furnace repairs in Madison, Athens, and the surrounding cities of the Greater Huntsville area, contact Comfort Specialist Heating & Air, Inc. now!

Furnace Repair Services

At Comfort Specialist Heating & Air, we operate by using a consultative approach and understand that no two furnace repair services are the same. We fully assess your furnace before beginning service so we can identify the root of the problem and provide the most efficient and effective solution. Find out more about what our customers think by checking out our testimonials.

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Signs You Need Furnace Repair

Are you experiencing issues with your furnace? These issues can be unsettling, so rule out a dangerous situation by contacting a professional to inspect gas valves. Once you’ve concluded there is no emergency gas situation, contact Comfort Specialist Heating & Air if you’re experiencing any of the following issues:

  • Abnormally high heating bills – A spike in your heating costs indicates that your furnace is using more energy than usual. Modern furnaces use energy at a consistent rate, so a rise in your bill most likely means your furnace needs some TLC.
  • Cold or uneven air coming out of vents – Chances are, it’s time for a new furnace filter. Already installed a filter and still only getting cold air? Your furnace may have a pilot light problem or a dirty flame sensor. One of our HVAC specialists can help!
  • Pilot light turning off – The pilot light not staying on may indicate you have bad thermocouple or a lack of oxygen intake. Call Comfort Specialist Heating & Air to get your furnace checked.
  • Musty smell from furnace – If you notice an odor from your furnace, it may be a sign of mold. We can help you figure out if your furnace has mold and take the appropriate next steps.
  • Rumbling or squealing noises – There may be a part that’s come loose in your furnace, or a component may be damaged. A loose or damaged part can become very risky, so contact a professional ASAP to prevent further damage to your furnace.

Be prepared for whatever winter weather throws at us this year. Contact Comfort Specialist Heating & Air for reliable furnace repairs in Southern Tennessee and Northern Alabama.

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Comfort Specialist Heating & Air is a family-owned and operated business, so we know how important it is to put the comfort of your family first. Comfort Specialist is committed to raising the bar with our safety, our service, our reputation, and our team. Our licensed professionals are dependable and we pride ourselves on offering the highest level of customer service.

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FAQs: Furnace Repair in Northern Alabama

Frequently asked questions about furnace repair for communities surrounding Huntsville include:

How can I tell if my furnace is still under warranty?

Warranties vary by brand and the furnace installation company. (That’s another reason to use local, experienced furnace installation professionals.)

  • Contact your local furnace repair professional to find out for sure.
  • There’s a label somewhere on the exterior of your system. It will have your unit’s production date. If your furnace is under 5 years of age, it may still be under warranty.
  • You can search online using your unit’s model and serial numbers. But that may not tell you for sure if your warranty is still valid.

How often should I have my heating system inspected?

In Northern Alabama and Southern Tennessee, we can see weather extremes year-round. That’s why we recommend twice-a-year service inspections for residential and commercial HVAC systems.

Schedule your winter heating “tune-up” in September, October, November, or December. Winter holidays are better when your home is comfortable and safe. Summer HVAC maintenance should be scheduled in March, April, May, or June.

What are the pros and cons of heat pumps?

If you’re trying to decide between a traditional furnace installation or a heat pump for your home, here are some pros and cons of heat pumps:


  • AC – Heat pumps work as air conditioners too.
  • Better climate control – Depending on the system, heat pumps can offer the best climate control.
  • Save energy – Saving energy means saving money. Operating costs for heat pumps are usually lower than furnaces.


  • Cold-weather states – Northern states just don’t use as much air conditioning as we do, so a heat pump means they’re paying for cooling service they barely use.
  • Cost – You’ll spend more upfront for a heat pump installation (but potentially pay less in the long run).

What maintenance can I do myself?

There are several things you can do to keep your household and furnace system safe:

  • Install a carbon monoxide alarm. The U.S. CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) recommends a CO detector for every home.
  • Monitor your energy bills for any spikes in usage and costs. There are issues that can cause your furnace to work overtime.
  • Schedule a monthly walk-around and look for signs of leaks. An issue caught and repaired early can save a lot of emergency expense and stress.
  • The most important DIY maintenance is to change your furnace air filters as often as needed (check your owner’s manual and the filter instructions). This keeps your equipment running at top efficiency longer. It also improves IAQ (indoor air quality), something all of us care about.
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