Furnace Installation in Huntsville, AL

When the time comes for you to update your home heating, or when your old furnace no longer meets your comfort needs, you want to connect with an HVAC contractor that will help you get the ideal new system. Our winters can be cold and demanding, meaning you want a system that is selected, sized, and installed with supreme precision and care! You’ll find that the service professionals at Comfort Specialist Heating & Air are more than up to the task.

As a local heating company serving ‎Madison‎, ‎Limestone‎, and ‎Morgan counties, our team has been treating clients right for years. We place the utmost importance on pairing our clients with the services and products that match them best, and for the Comfort Specialist team, absolutely nothing is more important than doing a thorough job and satisfying your comfort needs completely.

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Furnace Installation Service near Huntsville

In order to provide you with both reliable and efficient heating a furnace has to be sized and selected carefully according to your unique home, preferences, and needs. That’s why Comfort Specialist will provide a comprehensive assessment before we make a recommendation. We want you to get the best furnace for your home so that we can be sure you stay warm and cozy even during the worst Southern Tennessee or Alabama winters.

When we’ve helped you pick the right option, our installation experts will get to work. We use the latest techniques and tools in order to provide a streamlined, exact install so that your new system will be optimized for superior performance and efficacy.

When Do I Need a New Furnace?

It can be difficult to assess when you need to replace your furnace with a newer model, but there are some very clear signs a homeowner can watch for in order to make the right call. Our furnace contractors recommend connecting with us to discuss a new furnace when:

  • Your current furnace is over a decade old: Most modern furnaces can run for 10-15 years with little trouble, especially if the homeowner has been keeping up with annual furnace maintenance. However, past this age range, you’ll notice marked drops in performance, a higher frequency of breakdowns, and higher heating costs until the system is replaced.
  • You need furnace repairs too frequently: A rare repair is nothing to be too bothered by, but when you find yourself calling for furnace repair once a year or more then you could be saving yourself a ton of money and stress by replacing the unit.
  • Your current furnace fails to meet your comfort needs: With our winters regularly going well below freezing, you need a furnace that can keep up. If yours is undersized or too old, talk to our experts about the advantages of replacing your current heating system.
  • The furnace is too inefficient/too costly to run: Even ten years ago 65 AFUE was considered great, but these days furnaces can reach 98—even higher with some models. This means you could be saving tons in heating costs by updating!

New Furnace Installation in Huntsville, AL and Ardmore, TN

At Comfort Specialist Heating & Air we value your satisfaction and comfort above all else, and our team never settles for anything less than the best. We strive to be the best HVAC company in Ardmore and the surrounding areas, so reach out any time you need furnace installation, furnace replacement, or furnace support services.

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Very punctual. Completed the service call and didn’t try to sell me a bunch of stuff I don’t need. Very courteous and thorough in checking out my system. - Melissa O.

Perfect service, a template for how it should be. - Jason T.

They came out on a Sunday to work on our problem and gave us a lot of knowledge we didn’t know. - Patricia W.

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