Air Filters for HVAC Systems in Huntsville

Keeping your HVAC air filters changed is a very important part of keeping your air quality high, and your heating and cooling systems working optimally. However, there are tons of filter types, sizes, and brands out there. Do you know which ones to choose?

If you need help keeping your filters up to date, the trained HVAC experts at Comfort Specialist Heating & Air can provide the assistance you need. We offer top-class air filter services, in addition to our complete HVAC maintenance and tune-up services.

Looking for the best way to keep your heating and cooling equipment in top shape? Contact Comfort Specialist for air filters “near me” and HVAC support services!

Why is Changing My Air Filter Important?

For many homeowners changing the air filter is an afterthought. But were you aware that keeping your filters clean and fresh plays one of the most important roles in maintaining your HVAC equipment? It’s no exaggeration to say that a notable percentage of our AC repair services could have been avoided if the homeowner had been changing their air filters regularly!

Your air filter is responsible for keeping dust, dander, mold spores, pollen, and even more from caking up in your ducts. Keeping it changed monthly results in cleaner home air and a system that works more efficiently and quickly, keeping your energy costs to a minimum.

Is it Possible to Get the Wrong HVAC Air Filter?

It is, unfortunately. Even finding the right size isn’t enough because filters come in a wide range of what are called MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) ratings. The higher the rating, the better and finer the filtration. But if you select a MERV rating that is too high for your type of HVAC system, it can result in air restriction that will lead to AC system freezing, furnace overheats, and even serious HVAC system damage.

Take Advantage of the Comfort Specialist FilterFetch Service!

For the best results, your air filters should be changed monthly during peak seasons. However, getting to the store, finding the right filters, finding the right quality filters—this can be a big hassle, we know. That’s why Comfort Specialist developed our FilterFetch service.

When you partner up with Comfort Specialist for FilterFetch services, our technicians will come to evaluate your HVAC system so that we can determine the right type of filters for your needs. From there we can order, supply, and deliver your filters for you, taking the hassle and guesswork out of the equation.

Our FilterFetch service will:

  • Ensure you get the proper filter for your unique HVAC systems
  • Save you money—since we have access to dependable vendors, we can get your filters at a discounted, premium price!
  • Save you the time and stress of selecting filters at a big box store

HVAC Air Filters and Filter Services in Ardmore, TN and Athens, AL

If you are looking to take the frustration out of maintaining your HVAC equipment, leave it to the professionals! At Comfort Specialist we make your comfort and needs our top priority, and our services are always streamlined and matched to each client’s unique home and needs. Whether you’re looking for HVAC air filter delivery, maintenance services, or routine tune-up services, we’re the local HVAC company you can always trust.

Contact us online now to sign up for our FilterFetch service, or call 256-361-5665 to discuss your needs with our indoor air quality specialists!

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