Fiberglass Batts & Roll Insulation Services in Huntsville, AL

Selecting the appropriate insulation for your business is crucial to preserving comfort and keeping heating and cooling costs reasonable. At Comfort Specialist Heating & Air, we make it our priority to ensure local businesses in Huntsville and the surrounding areas get top-quality solutions and dependable products like batt and rolled fiberglass insulation.

Our commercial insulation contractors carry years of experience in providing insulation additions, retrofits, and insulation installation for new construction. Whether your business is small or large, and regardless of your industry, you can count on our team to provide the insight and skill necessary to perform the project correctly and to specification.

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What Is Batt & Rolled Insulation?

Batts and rolls of insulation refer to the form these insulations come in. Batts are pre-cut sheets of insulation, and rolls are longer, rolled-up sheets that can be cut to size according to what the project calls for. Batts and rolls are also often referred to collectively as “blanket” insulation, as opposed to blown-in or reflective insulation types. Batts and rolls come in a variety of materials in the insulation industry, but here at Comfort Specialist, we choose to install fiberglass batts and rolls.

Fiberglass is a recycled and spun material made from plastics and glass fibers. The perks of batt roll insulation include that the material is naturally flame-resistant, deals well with moisture, and resists thermal transfer exceptionally well. These features combined make fiberglass batts a top choice for commercial insulation installation.

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What Is the Best Use of Batt & Rolled Insulation?

Blanket insulation is highly effective because it can easily be cut to size according to what the project calls for. This, combined with the fact that installation is easy and material cost is low, makes fiberglass batts great for residential insulation, or for insulating large areas within a commercial structure.

Fiberglass batts are often found in:

  • Attics and top-floor storage areas
  • Within exterior walls
  • In crawl spaces
  • In floor and ceiling framing
  • And in other common structural applications

Fiberglass Batts & Roll Insulation Services in Huntsville, AL

At Comfort Specialist, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide custom-tailored insulation and HVAC services to our commercial clients. Whether you’re a restaurant owner, you manage a commercial warehouse, or you need insulation for a local Huntsville retail store, you can count on our insulation contractors to meet your needs with skill and knowledge.

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